Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sims Enhanced Pack by Thalassicus

This pack improves Sims 3 balance, difficulty curve, and cost-benefit comparisons. For example, let's look at balance. Players quickly discover the dominant strategies for each of these parts of the game:
The Moodlet Manager can reset needs for any sims.
Ambrosia eliminates the challenge from dealing with mood.
Never Dull gets rid of the challenge of interactions between sims.
These are much more powerful than other solutions for needs, mood, and interactions. Balancing the power of these strategies with alternate choices makes the game more fun and challenging. In addition to solving those obvious problems, I carefully adjusted other moodlets and rewards to make overall gameplay a little more complex, exciting, and thoughtful. This approach differs from other mods which simply raise or lower the amount of total mood our sims require for happiness, leaving the fundamental balance issues untouched.

In addition to balance, this pack makes gameplay more intuitive. If you ask people what's important to lead a happy and healthy life, most would probably respond with a list like this (in no particular order):
Brushing teeth
Low stress

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

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